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Press play to hear the music. Then ponder in your heart my painting.

This painting is a spiritual story. Its about the baby’s dependence upon her mother for protection.

The sanctity of life

My painting has spiritual and temporal meaning. Spiritually, it’s about the sanctity of human life. That human life, from conception, is precious beyond measure. Temporally, this painting is about the mother physically protecting her unborn baby.

The white represents purity. Purity in this painting is about her pure belief and knowledge that the individual within her has been a distinct person from conception. Within her is a baby, or child, or adolescent or adult in an ealy stage. She has a pure knowledge of the identity of her child within. It is this knowledge that transforms her into the role of protector.

The mother’s arms are surrounding the baby within. Her arms represent her exercising her protective role.  Such protection here is a form of nurturing, a right she claims and is exercising.

This painting was meant to be viewed with the music Ljósið.  by Polish musician Ólafur Arnalds who lives in Iceland. My painting is about the relationship between a pregnant mother and her child within. It is part of the RelationShapes Project.


Hendrik Ensing - New Zealand Artist

Press play on the music and look at the painting. Feel the spiritual nature of The Child Within.