RelationShapes Art

Art proclaiming the shapes of relationships

Hendrik Ensing | Artist

My Art

On my Patreon Page, I am creating a growing body of artwork called RelationShapes art. Relationshapes Art is not a one-time project, it’s my on-going work.

Social Purpose

I am a social purpose artist. My art raises awareness of enduring relationships.  Also, my art is a social purpose enterprise that helps couples get relationship counselling. 

Hendrik Ensing


My art is all about relationshapes.

I create art that explores the shapes of relationships. My art is a proclamation of enduring relationships. 

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Connect with me in my Art-In-Progress group on Patreon as I work, sketch and paint in my art studio. Give me your feedback as I read ‘Henk’s Art Thoughts’ which are notes from my art notebook, and we chat about the meaning in my current painting-in-progress. 

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My Ballot

Patrons are included in my Fine Art Ballot held every two weeks. Each winner gets to choose a recent painting as a supporter reward. Think of this as a fair way for me to reward you for supporting me to keep creating more relationshapes art.

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My Patreon

Connect on My Patreon

Patreon is a platform that enables my patrons to create lasting change to relationships through my RelationShapes art. For a few dollars monthly, it also includes the Art-In-Progress updates and my Fine Art Ballots each month.

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My Original Artworks Ballot


Twice each month, you may be rewarded with an opportunity to choose any original recent artwork for free. This is done via a fair ballot each month.

- Hendrik Ensing | Artist