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About Hendrik

I am an artist who creates RelationShapes, paintings that explore the various facets of human relationships.

Artistic Statement

The meaning embedded in my art is grounded in relationships – the joys and struggles we encounter. While other art explores curiosity and change, my art gives a voice to enduring relationships.

My Story

The young artist has the world to discover. Infinite peaks to climb. Every land to explore. There is all of time available. On the other hand, the older artist is acutely aware that he has less time left. It is his spirit that needs focus now, above his skill in his craft. This is where I am.

This makes me better now than in earlier years. It has allowed me to improve my craft at an accelerated pace. Why I am a better artist now than ever before is because I am more focused. With less time ahead of me, I have to see clearly with my heart and mind. I have to know what is most important. I must discard the good and better, because I only have time for the best. 

can change, can endure.

More Focus

With less years left to speak through my art – I must have more focus. It’s an unfortunate advantage, yet it is through these years that I have sufficient experience to see the shapes of relationships. The experience allows me to paint the heart and spirit of people, more than the body.

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